Monday, January 27, 2014

New Jewelry: Africa Paper Beads & Maasai Beadwork Stament Necklaces

Fun new jewelry that makes a difference. 

Beadwork made in Arusha, Tanzania. These pink beads are handcrafted out of recycled paper. Oooo La La! I just love the color of these beads - and perfect for Valentine's Day! Help share the love around the globe!

These seed bead discs were handcrafted by Maasai (Masai) Women in Tanzania. These beautiful tribal women are working hard to help provide for their families through the hands of their work.  I designed this bib necklace to make a BOLD statement. It Pops! The blue, yellow and white designs pair nicely with the silver chain. 

These are available in our etsy store. If you are looking for items that are created 100% in Africa visit our Imani Design Big Cartel Store

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