Saturday, June 30, 2012

Turning junky to funky...

Nothing like taking an interesting piece of history and creating a new way to appreciate it. That is what frequently drives me to get my hands -a- working. 

Example: Rollers turned Cuff
Retro curlers - vintage pieces that have a design standing on their very own. The holes in the metal punch with the wire & red rubber closures...very interesting. Inspiring really.

$24.99 on etsy

gotta have the earring option!

$19.99 on etsy

These earrings have already been on the move. This is the last pair I have available until I locate more rollers.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

More from the REDEEMED line...

Upcycled leather paired with copper

Copper wire, brass washers and distressed upcycled leather

I love the word "REDEEMED". After all doesn't every one of us have an area or item in our life we would LOVE to see redeemed? Some mistake we may ponder on being left in a bit of angst? I believe we all do. I also believe we find hope and courage to believe anything can be redeemed in our lives when we see it happen for others. As I work with my hands to create something from a discarded, used item I am reminded of the common quote "Trash to Treasure" where I am reminded of the path of my own life. A life that has had it's share of disappointment, discouragement and struggles yet has indeed been redeemed. God continues to show me He never leaves me, nor forsakes me. He walks with me through it all. He uses every little part of my the smallest of details in His intricate plan.  Although I am sure as long as I am on this earth I will continue to see hard times come my way I can be certain God will use it ALL, good and bad, to accomplish for HIS good. Talk about REDEEMED. 

Leather, Copper, and African Focal Bead Necklace. $24.99