Thursday, December 29, 2011

Little Brown Bird - My long lost feathered friend

Isn't this Little Brown Bird adorable? This little feathered friend was hiding on one of my "posted to eBay" shelves. When I spotted this little treasure I knew today was the day to make him famous! So to Etsy he flew! I even found this adorable little poem that perfectly describes his life I am sure!

O LITTLE brown bird in the rain,
In the sweet rain of spring,
How you carry the youth of the world
In the bend of your wing!
For you the long day is for song
And the night is for sleep--
With never a sunrise too soon
Or a midnight too deep!

For you every pool is the sky,
Breaking clouds chasing through,--
A heaven so instant and near
That you bathe in its blue!--
And yours is the freedom to rise
To some song-haunted star
Or sink on soft wing to the wood
Where your brown nestlings are.

So busy, so strong and so glad,
So care-free and young,
So tingling with life to be lived
And with songs to be sung,
O little brown bird!--with your heart
That's the heart of the Spring--
How you carry the hope of the world
In the bend of your wing!
written by -Isabel Ecclestone Mackay