Monday, July 8, 2013

Meet Lily, My New Girl: Vintage Mannequin Dress Form Beauty

Don't ask me how -or- why... but this new addition to our family has had the name Lily bestowed upon her. We found her  as we were passing by a garage sale. SCREEEEEECH - we came to a sudden stop in order to snatch this little treasure up.

At first I wan't too sure about her. She was vintage alright, and she had character, but I wasn't sold on  what I would do with her with that bow on her chest. Still I couldn't pass up on the extremely low penny it required to make her mine. Turning it quickly was an option with the low listing price we could still make money on with a re-sale.

Well, after taking some ebay photos with her I am now IN complete LOVE with her. She is a delight. I will post some of the ebay pics I took later to show you how nicely she displays treasures to be sold. .

She is a wonderful addition to our family. I can't tell you what we have been doing all these years without her. Welcome Lily!!!