Sunday, September 7, 2014

DIY Ring Bearers Sign: Vintage Chic Wedding Style

So, typically I leave all of my DIY craftiness blog posts for my other site over at - BUT today I am going to share a little freebie with you. I am SO full of joy over the union of these two precious peeps, I just can't contain it. So here is a little design love for you. 

I made this sign out of an old vintage cupboard door. I painted the perimeter a blush pink and the interior panel with chalkboard paint. Then I designed a layout I liked in my design software, grabbed a pencil and pressed the design into the paint. It was very faint - as I use it for spacing and overall layout but like to add my own touches to it.  If the thought of free-handing it stresses you out - simply get carbon or lead up the back of your paper with the side of your pencil tip and then tape to front of board and trace firmly over the printed image. Then remove paper and draw over the trace marks with a permanent chalk pen.

Here is a lil' Freebie Love for those of you wanting to get your crafty on for your WEDDING!

I will be posting a lot of our DIY projects over at Sublime-Living once we get the photos. Make sure and check back soon!