Thursday, November 22, 2012


What could be a better gift then a pair of handcrafted earrings made with paper beads made in Africa? Oh wait- I know... a pair of handcrafted earrings in a Maasai Gift Bag from Africa. Can you say... BONUS!

And all for only $20! 

Now that is a fabulous gift that keeps on giving. By purchasing these earrings you are not only getting a really cute gift for someone - you are also helping those that handcraft the beads. A percentage of all sales go back to help people in Africa. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Fun for on the RUN..... or for a bazillion other occasions: family game night, homeschooling.
Each bag is only $18 - all bundled up in a REALLY unique fabric cinch bag. The bags were made in Tanzania by collective group of women. Maasai women made the bead embellishment, another group of women sewed the fabric bags made of a Maasai Blanket "Shuka".  The bag contains instructions for several games from around the world and right here in our own country. Dice, Dominoes, Bead Counters and a score pad. What a fun and unique Christmas Gift.