Friday, October 19, 2012

ENJOY: Autumn is in the ATMOSPHERE

Can you hear it? Have you seen it? 

The wind has started it's dance premiere of fall 2012 with the leaves as it's partner. They are swinging, swaying and dipping their way into winter.

It is one of natures most beautiful acts. 

As the seasonal curtain of fall opens it boldly introduces colors that are so vivid & stimulating. The bright yellow, orange & reds all swirling together. The cool, crisp touch of the air on our skin may leave us feeling chilly but the warm, rich colors that cling to the trees and carpet the ground resonate deeply in our souls. 

Somehow fall has a way of swooping onto the scene of what appeared to be a blank stage. Was summer really that far off in the distance? No, not really. Did summer give a poor performance that left us feeling in want? Most certainly not. So, what is it? For me I think it is the display of splendor that delivers an invitation to all five senses. Change is in the air - and we can't help but participate. 

Grandma's old canning jar converted

 The Five Senses of Fall:
        1. Sight: gorgeous rich colors
        2. Touch: crisp air, cozy soft clothes
        3. Smell: cinnamon, apple, pumpkin & spice 
        4. Taste: cinnamon, apple, pumpkin & spice :)
        5. Sound: the wind, the crunch of leaves                      
So here is my response to fall's gracious invitation: 

My pledge to fall:

I will do my best to fully & completely appreciate all you have to offer. I promise to take the time to focus my view & give my full attention on your beauty at least once a day. I will snuggle into cozy warm, richly colored clothing & accessories that reflect your beauty.

One of my favorite creations: Chunky Cowl
So cozy! 

I dully promise to inhale and ingest the bounty of the season. (Sounds oh so appealing, doesn't it?) Baked apples, pumpkin custard & spiced cider BEWARE! And... I commit to listen. Listen to the children laughing as they frolic in the leaves, the chatter of friends meeting indoors over a cup of chai, the crunchy sound of leaves beneath my feet as I take a stroll, but the BEST OF ALL...the sound of my Creator speaking to me in and throughout
 His B E A U T I F U L creation. 

Great are the works of the Lord; 
they are pondered by all who DELIGHT in them. 
Glorious and majestic are his deeds,
and his righteousness endures forever. 
He has caused his wonders to be REMEMBERED;
the Lord is gracious and compassionate.
Psalm 112:2-4

Here is one of my favorite fall looks. The soft, soothing loose knit infinity scarf in a creamy, rich mustard bamboo yarn softly draped around the neck. Pair the cowl with some edgey earrings made with a worn black & brown leather with silver circular elements and you are fitted for the season. 

Baraka na wewe,
 (blessings to you)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Weathered Hands & Loving Hearts of the Masai Women

Masai women of Engikaret beading with  a friend who helps them to sell their goods.

You really wouldn't believe how hard these women work. That is until you took a glace down at their hands. Instantly you become aware of the intense labor these women face daily. They cook, they clean, they gather, they build. They do almost EVERYTHING in order for their families to survive. The women are the ones who gather the materials, prepare and build their manure/mud huts (Boma's). They are incredibly amazing. 

Whenever our family is in Maasailand we always jump at the opportunity to walk out into the great expanse of what appears to be nothing but desert. It never fails - I will be walking for what seems like quite some distance along a barely evident trail in the dirt when all of a sudden we stumble into a village of boma's. 

It is amazing to me how the huts blend, by design,  right into the surrounding land. These villages are built & maintained by the women but ruled by the men. Many of the Mama's of this land are still what we would consider to be children,12-14 years old. As much as this may seem heartbreaking in our culture it is very common in theirs. The girls are chosen by the husbands at a young age. Many are still in their Mama's bellies when they are picked for marriage. It is quite common for them to be one of 10-12 wives to their husband. Their lives and activities are chosen for them pretty much from beginning to end. 

Take a moment and think about what it might be like to have no voice. No matter how hard you tried to speak, write or communicate nothing would come out. Or if you could manage to finally blurt something out you would be beaten, knocked down and wounded. I imagine this is what life holds for them. 

I can tell you LOVE can bring change. 
I have seen it with my own eyes - I have touched it with my own hands. 

Love brings hope. Hope springs forward into a new way of life where you can see possibilities that you were once blind to. These women are learning that they are loved. They are being cared for. These precious women are learning that God loves them and has a plan for them. They are also being educated about health, as well as being taught skills. There is opportunity for them, hope and most of all LOVE! This is life changing.

Making jewelry is one opportunity these women have been given to help change their futures. Culturally beading is woven throughout the history of the Masai.  However creating a product that the world wants to purchase and wear is one of the areas that our friends have been helping them with. I do believe they have done a splendid job with the final product though!

These are just a few of their beautiful designs. There are many more in my etsy store listed at the top right. Won't you help me in the journey to help make a difference in someone's life. Bringing hope to  the hopeless is the BEST thing you will ever do.